Fambisai (Mak) Makamure

Environmental Consultant
P: 0429 274 868
E: fmakamure@catchmentsolutions.com.au

Catchment Solutions Fambisai (Mak) Makamure Environmental Consultant

Fambisai has over 14 years’ experience in the natural and built environment. This includes over 10 years’ experience in the natural resource management of water and wastewater assets. This consists of, but not limited to the operation, maintenance and optimisation of large scale, treatment plants, package plants, pump stations, water lines, reservoirs, dams, tributaries as well as the surrounding land management activities. This knowledge was attained, as well as enhanced from organisations such Queensland Urban Utilities, Nambucca Shire Council in NSW, Downer Group of Companies in QLD, Isaac Regional Council, and the Mackay Regional Council in QLD.

Graduating from Griffith University in Brisbane with a BSc in the Environment in 2007 opened Fambisai’s mind to the scope of the proclivities posed by the natural and built environment. Most importantly was the blueprint on how to influence them for the better. His first commercial exposure within the environmental profession was under the graduate program in Mackay as an environmental officer. From then on it was over 2 years, as a project officer and team leader, looking after the revegetation and land rehabilitation projects around Queensland.

Fambisai has joined Catchment Solutions as an Environmental Consultant and forms an integral part of the team undertaking water and wastewater projects, land rehabilitation management projects, field work, lab work, project reporting and coordination of events for clients and landholders.


I enjoy applying my skills allowing us to achieve positive outcomes in our local and national environment with project partners.