Jakob Fries

Environmental Consultant
P: 07 4968 4216
E: jfries@catchmentsolutions.com.au


Jakob has been interested for a long time in everything to do with fish and ecology, leading to a study marine biology and specialising in estuarine ecology.

Jakobs’ studies have given him further interest in testing statistical assumptions and reliability of measurement methods. He has a strong commitment to upholding and advocating for high ethical standards in environmental practice and hopes to influence the improvement of environmental management and stewardship in Australia.

Over the past six years he has developed a broad range of skills and capabilities in ecological and environmental ecosystem management in aquatic and estuarine environments. Jakob also recently completed a Masters degree specialising in the ecology and productivity of estuarine fish populations in the tropics. He has a
detailed understanding of ecological and physiochemical processes that underpin ecosystem services and functions of tropical estuarine, aquatic, and marine ecosystems. These include services such as fisheries productivity, and ecosystem functions such as nutrient and carbon cycling. He has been involved with the identification and prioritisation of remedial actions for barriers to fish community and population connectivity. These have included variations in water flows and physiochemical parameters due to seasonal rainfall patterns, water extraction, pollutant contamination, and modifications to natural water courses e.g. weirs, dams and fish-ways.

In addition to his academic qualifications, he has four years full-time experience as an environmental scientist working in applied water quality and ecological sciences
within the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy in Queensland. Jakob has further enhanced his professional experience working as a student researcher
for the National Environmental Science program in Project B4: Underpinning the Repair and Conservation of Australia’s Threatened Coastal-Marine Habitats.

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“My love for the natural environment has driven me to seek out and synthesise new approaches to measurement of complex natural systems. I hope to develop my knowledge in this area and influence structural changes in environmental management.”