Catchment Solutions is a Queensland based service provider, offering a range of specialised environmental services that combine technical expertise, innovation and collaboration to meet our client’s needs. Working closely with business and government across diverse industries, we provide tailored solutions for strategic environmental and commercial outcomes.

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We help clients manage, design and execute projects to meet high standards of environmental excellence and corporate responsibility.

With a strong team of environmental researchers, scientists and facilitators, Catchment Solutions is uniquely placed to progress sound communication, engagement and partnerships across diverse stakeholders by virtue of our extensive experience in the public and private sectors, non-government and not-for-profit sectors, industry peak bodies and community groups.

Underpinning our work is the belief that sustainability is holistic. It’s about the connection between the environment, the economy and the community. The Catchment Solutions team has years of experience in planning and implementing projects that foster sustainability across land and sea. Together we have a network of environmental experts across Australia and around the world

Catchment Solutions Ute Marklands Station wetlands crossing
Catchment Solutions Ute – Marklands Station, wetlands crossing

Providing your solution

At Catchment Solutions, we understand the business of the environment and the environment of business. We employ the providers and people who live in the regions we work, reinvesting funds into the client’s catchment.

We deliver plans, reports, management guidelines and results on time and within budget. It’s not just about delivery, though. Our actions are driven first and foremost by our clients’ needs and outcomes. Our mission is to find solutions through comprehensive environmental and natural resource management services.

Catchment Solutions offers environmental services with a difference. Our clients benefit not only from our team’s expertise, but also from our strong network of established relationships and partnerships with key environmental stakeholders including in education, industry, ecology, local council and all levels of government.

Our core competencies include Water Quality Services, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems, Agriculture Innovation and Support, Ecosystem Rehabilitation and Repair, Environmental Planning and Approvals.


Catchment Solutions Pty Ltd was founded in July 2012. The company is a subsidiary of Reef Catchments Limited. Catchment Solutions values regional, national and international environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Catchment Solutions Building painted Jan22
Catchment Solutions Offices in Mackay