Ecosystem Rehabilitation & Repair

Catchment Solutions not only offer environmental assessment and planning services but are then able to utilise these plans, reports, recommendations and approvals to deliver on-ground rehabilitation and repair works to remedy the identified problem.


Products and Services

  • Identification of specific environmental issues that impact communities and their broader ecological footprint.
  • Development of specialist issue reviews focusing on a wide variety of environmental areas including (but not limited to) water quality, aquatic ecology, erosion control, Receiving Environment Monitoring Programs (REMP), wetlands biological productivity, mining, quarry activities, construction and port operations.
  • Design practical rehabilitation and repair options for consideration and implementation.
  • Research and then organise all potential development and statutory permit approvals on behalf of clients.
  • Facilitate and coordinate on-ground construction activities with a range of providers that best suit individual project requirements.
  • Provide monitoring and evaluation services to track and report on outcomes of each project.
  • Fauna Spotter Catcher
  • Snake Relocation

The Systems Repair team at Catchment Solutions in Mackay takes a big picture approach to landscape management throughout Queensland by working closely with regional governments and industry to coordinate actions across a range of land management activities.

From water quality improvement to landscape rehabilitation, wetland construction, fishways and more – this important work adds value to the catchment, community and business.

Clients benefit by ensuring the impacts of everything they do is monitored, minimised and mitigated, offering ultimate transparency, accountability and a solid foundation for demonstrating corporate social and environmental responsibility.

The Systems Repair team works across a wide range of areas to maximise and amplify the benefits and long-term outcomes of projects.

Common activities undertaken across the region as part of Systems Repair approach include

  • The implementation of constructed wetlands, wetland rehabilitation & bio-retention/sediment basin systems to improve water quality run-off from agricultural lands and provide important habitat and refuge for biodiversity.
  • The construction of fishways to facilitate aquatic connectivity between upstream waterways, constructed wetlands and downstream estuarine ecosystems.
  • Bank stabilisation structures such as engineered log jams to stabilise stream banks, reduce sediment delivery and restore and repair waterholes and in-stream habitat.
  • Planting of endemic riparian species to increase terrestrial connectivity, reduce sediment delivery and improve habitat condition.