Collinsdale Erosion Remediation Project

A project to rehabilitate large-scale gully erosion, using earthworks to reshape and fill the erosion scar.

Large scale erosion impacting the Fitzroy River

Collinsdale project overview

Catchment Solutions have recently (August 2019) commenced on-ground works at the Collinsdale erosion remediation project site. The primary erosion remediation site is located at the Collinsdale Station, which is situated on the southern side of the Fitzroy River, in Garnant, approximately 30km from Rockhampton. The 450ha cattle property is situated within the Louisa Creek catchment and has been identified through Paddock to Reef modelling as contributing the 10th highest load of sediment to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park from the Fitzroy basin area.

Drone images of the primary project site. Significant gully erosion in pre-construction. Cut, fill and reshaping earthworks in post-construction

Project achievements

The Reef Trust IV Erosion Remediation project area includes the rehabilitation of large-scale gully erosion, using earthworks to reshape and fill the erosion scar, with the project, including;

  • Approximately 20,000m3 of material being moved and reshaped
  • the construction of a large farm dam (excavated to provide fill for earthworks and to provide a high-capacity off-stream watering point)
  • 10km of river and streambank fencing to be installed
  • the installation of 7 off-stream watering points, restricting cattle from accessing water directly from the Fitzroy River

Project outcomes

Following the completion of earthworks, which is anticipated to be late 2019, the site will have irrigation installed and be seeded, mulched and revegetated to reduce rainfall impacts on the rehabilitated gully area. The adjacent property located directly upstream, the Bindaree station, will also include an additional 4km of streambank and gully fencing.