Ben Pearce

Principal Environmental Scientist & Project Coordinator
P: 0488 765 106

Ben Pearce Principal Scientist Catchment Solutions

Ben is a Principal Environmental Scientist with over 18 years’ experience consulting in for private and public clients. He has led technical investigations and has expertise in Contaminated Land assessment, remediation and monitoring for compliance, due diligence and development approval purposes.

Ben’s love of the environment and outdoors started with family camping trips and grew through his University studies and professional career, spanning 20 years as an environmental scientist. Ben obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Macquarie University in 1998 and an Honours degree in 2000 where he studied the geomorphological mechanisms behind channel avulsion and wetland lifecycles within the Macquarie Marshes.


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“The role at Catchment Solutions is the perfect combination of my education, professional experience and recreational pursuits. The company’s commitment to provide outcomes that promote responsible and sustainable environmental guardianship resonates deeply with me, and the long term legacy of the work we undertake will provide benefit to the environment and communities for many years to come.”