Ecosystem Rehabilitation & Repair

Marklands Wetlands Field Day flyer

Barra and Beef Field Day 31st May 2022

Do you own or manage Ponded Pastures or Coastal Wetlands? This field day might be of interest….

Collinsdale Significant Gully Erosion

Reef Trust Gully & Streambank Erosion Control Forum

Since 2017 Catchment Solutions has been working with the Australian Federal Government in the Reef Trust program rehabilitating gullies and streambanks to halt erosion and the subsequent sediment making its way to the Great Barrier Reef.

Fursden Creek new fishway monitoring

New Fursden Creek fishway leads to aquatic migration boom

Fish migration along the Fursden Creek at Mackay has increased by more than 800 per cent, thanks to $74,000 worth of innovative remediation works managed by the Department of Environment and Science (DES) and delivered by Catchment Solutions.

Collinsdale Erosion Remediation Project

Catchment Solutions has successfully completed on-ground works at the Collinsdale erosion remediation…

Collinsdale Erosion Remediation Project

Catchment Solutions have recently (August 2019) commenced on-ground works at the Collinsdale…

Ogmore remediation project.

Ogmore Erosion Remediation Project

In early 2019, Catchment Solutions commenced a project aimed at addressing severe…

Clyde Creek Root ball structures to rehabilitate streambank erosion

150 tonnes of hardwood set to stop river erosion in Gladstone

Scientists have engineered 150 tonnes of salvaged hardwood into ‘log jam’ structures…

Collinsdale creek erosion.

Erosion remediation at Collinsdale

Catchment Solutions is leading the remediation of large-scale erosion at the Collinsdale…

The Styx River.

Monitoring at the Styx

The Catchment Solutions’ team recently visited Ogmore on the Styx River (North of Rockhampton) to set up the Baseline Monitoring Equipment for the Reef Trust 4 Gully and Streambank Erosion Control Project (funded through the Australian Government).

Clyde Creek Marine Fish Habitat Rehabilitation Project

Background and Objectives In July 2018, Catchment Solutions conducted a marine fish…