Fisheries & Aquatic Ecosystems

Marklands Wetlands Field Day flyer

Barra and Beef Field Day 31st May 2022

Do you own or manage Ponded Pastures or Coastal Wetlands? This field day might be of interest….

Fursden Creek new fishway monitoring

New Fursden Creek fishway leads to aquatic migration boom

Fish migration along the Fursden Creek at Mackay has increased by more than 800 per cent, thanks to $74,000 worth of innovative remediation works managed by the Department of Environment and Science (DES) and delivered by Catchment Solutions.

Pyramid Habitat Reef Module

Habitat Reef modules deployed in Mackay

Fantastic to finally see the Habitat Reef modules being deployed at the base of 3 fishing platforms in the Pioneer River estuary in Mackay.

Jaguar Cichlid pest fish caught in Mackay

Aggressive aquarium fish have been illegally let loose in the Pioneer river.

7 News Mackay recently ran this report on the pest fish establishing in Mackay.

Pyramid Habitat Reef Module

Innovative fish habitat reef modules

A state of steady decline Structurally complex fish habitats and coral reefs…

Podcast – Connecting estuaries to wetlands

Catchment Solutions Senior Fisheries Ecologist, Matt Moore, who was recently interviewed by…

Ponded pasture wetland in central Queensland which provides habitat for juvenile barramundi and other valuable fisheries resources.

Rocky Dam Catchment Fishway Monitoring 2020

In February 2020, Catchment Solutions conducted fishway monitoring at a cone-ramp fishway…

Clews Road Fishway Construction, Murray Creek

In June 2019, the fish passage at the Clews Road causeway in…

Landing Road Fish Ladder Concreting complete

Landings Road Fishway

In June 2019, Catchment Solutions undertook a fish passage improvement project involving…

Clyde Creek Root ball structures to rehabilitate streambank erosion

150 tonnes of hardwood set to stop river erosion in Gladstone

Scientists have engineered 150 tonnes of salvaged hardwood into ‘log jam’ structures…

Habitat Importance of Urbanised Estuaries in Central Queensland

Globally, estuarine habitats rank in the most modified of all marine ecosystems,…

Peacock bass found at Gooseponds wetlands

Peacock bass are a large, predatory freshwater fish species native to South…

Clyde Creek Marine Fish Habitat Rehabilitation Project

Background and Objectives In July 2018, Catchment Solutions conducted a marine fish…

Remediation of Leitchs Crossing complete

The remediation of Leitchs Crossing with a nature-like rock-ramp fishway was undertaken…